Soren Oliver

Soren Oliver (Playwright & Producer) is a San Francisco Bay Area native who has been acting in regional theatre since his graduation from North Carolina School of the Arts in 1987. During his time at NCSA, Søren dabbled in playwriting with the student organization Onyx where he wrote two one-acts, the most successful of which was Linoleum in which a computer programmer discovers after his death that being in heaven is becoming a cockroach.

The demands of Søren’s acting career pulled him away from playwriting until 1998. Since then he has written three full-length plays. La Brea, the story of three high school friends who stumble into an unexpected reunion and discover that nostalgia can be dangerous,  Decaying Orbits, a dark comedy that follows the regression of three siblings as they haggle over the family estate and their shared memories of an abusive childhood after the death of their mother, and Demetrius Unbound, a farcical follow up to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which was a semi-finalist at the O’Neill Festival in ’09.   

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